YOGINESS is a dream that came true for two young women.
We connected through the desire to create and combine art with movement.

We founded the brand so that we can be creatively active and brought exceptional products to the market. In the beginning, we hardly knew each other, but today we are great friends.

We create all our designs by hand painting, drawing or digital illustration. As you can see, we put a large part of ourselves into them. We harmoniously complement the colourful pieces in the collections with those one-colour. We leave it up to you to combine them in the outfits according to your imagination.

Our values are:

To be ecological and local

We did not want to be another brand out there, whose products float across half the world. From the very beginning, we decided to create products that follow ecological and ethical principles.

We use only European fabrics. Moreover, we design, print and sew our pieces in Slovakia.

We also use recycled materials and sew elastic scrunchies from fabric waste.

The latest news are that we provide a free repair of YOGINESS clothing. Thanks to which it will last up to the very last second, and you do not have to get rid of it just because of a torn seam or hole.

We also give second chance to such pieces that have some flaws, were used for photography, or there is another reason why they were not included in the original sales. We sell them as 2nd class clothing with a significant discount. Check out our Instagram, where we always inform about it.

We sew in Slovakia

We buy European fabrics

We use recycled materials


Society tries to impose on us the illusion that fashion has limited durability. However, we reject the concept of seasonal trends. We believe that just original, high-quality and comfortable pieces can be timeless. We guarantee that once you put on a YOGINESS piece, you will want to wear it forever.


Our brand is made up for women by women, and women also inspire us throughout the process. Whether, they are artists, sportswomen, yogis, dancers, travellers, businesswomen or inspirational influencers. The imprint of each woman can be found in our collections and the soul of YOGINESS. And it is the femininity that we want to cultivate through our pieces.

We not only want to dress you but also to inspire you to be yourself, to create freely, to move freely, and to fulfil your dreams, as we have fulfilled ours. Thank you for returning the positive energy to us through your messages or beautiful photos in our collections.

Jaroslava & Kristina, co-founders of YOGINESS